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AFB VOL 15 NO 83



I hope it’s not too late to say Happy New Year to you guys and welcome to 2017, the Year of the Rooster! It’s kind of a challenge. Economists from many schools are saying that the global economy is going to get better whereas the world of food and beverage industry of Thailand is mentioned about its manufacturing extension and new market opening in the AEC market actively. Our Asia Food Beverage Thailand Magazine has also adjusted styles and activities to respond to the growth of the food and beverage industry. This year we will switch to Publish three volumes per year in order to present thorough and in-depth contents and we will provide a special publication ALL IN FOODBEV which collects datas from relevant institutes such as associations, organizations, educational agencies, latest researches, updated regulations, and companies of marketing consultation, and research data from leading organizations gathering useful information, list of manufacturers, raw material importers, and distributors so that industrialists will be able to use this special publication as an all-in-one source of data collection and it will be provided in a digital platform to meet new generation’s needs.

Another marketing activityes we prepare for industrials to meet, share, and present marketing information and trends at the event “AFB Road Show& Training” which will be held throughout 2017 whereby the first event will begin in March with a seminar of the topic “Food Manufacturing with Ensuring the Quality of the World Class Standard and Academic Training and Regulations of Food and Nutrition Labeling” that will be shared by experts to those who are interested. Moreover, you can switch to the interview of Dr. Tipven Parinyasiri, Director of Food Division, and experts from Food and Drug Administration providing useful information for large as well as small manufacturers. Besides, as it is known that in the current business, competition and increase of prices cannot be absolutely done, what is essential is to manage, reduce costs and improve performance. We’re glad to introduce a new column “Lean for Food manufactury” along with the Academic Training “Bottom up Your Productivity with Lean for Food Manufacturing (LFM).”

Finally, the column Market Overview updating “Future of Industry with Thailand Food Valley Project” is coming after greatly supported by the government for food and beverage industry growth and extension into the world market as intended. See you again in the next volume in June 2017 and have a great time all the year of rooster!


นิตยสารของเราให้ความสำคัญกับผู้อ่านทุกท่านอย่างมาก และเรามีความยินดีลงเรื่องราวที่น่าสนใจของท่านผู้อ่านและ บริษัทของท่าน หากผู้อ่านท่านใดสนใจที่จะส่งต่อถึงวิธีการแก้ปัญหาหรือความสำเร็จทางธุรกิจที่ท่านได้ประสบมา หรือมีความเห็น ข้อแนะนำเกี่ยวกับนิตยสาร กรุณาติดต่อทางเราได้ที่ หรือโทรมาที่ 0 2392 6106 ต่อ 103 เรา ยินดีรับฟังทุกความคิดเห็น


We love our readers and want to feature you and the companies you work for in the magazine. If you have an interesting story to tell about how your solved a problem or achieved success, let us know. Email us on or call 0 2392 6106 ext 103. Also, let us know if you have any other comments or suggestions about the magazine. We would love to hear your feedback.

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