Asia Food Beverage: Popular dishes in Thailand

Every country offers its own speciality when it comes to cuisine, and Thailand is no stranger to this because it is home to all sorts of delicious foods. From noodles to sticky rice, there are lots of varieties for you to try and we have them all listed for you here at Asia Food Beverage. 

Take a look at the section below to get a better idea of the Thai foods you must try on your trip. Keep a list because these authentic dishes can change your outlook on Asian cuisine. 

Kway Teow 

Noodle soup is a hearty and comforting meal that can cheer almost anyone up, and this is certainly the case as well with Kway Teow. It is a simple yet filling dish made with rice noodles, pork tenderloin slices, vegetables, minced meat and all sorts of other toppings paired with a delicious broth. 

Mango Sticky Rice

For all of the dessert lovers out there, you do not have to worry about finding delicious sweets in Thailand because you can enjoy Mango Sticky Rice. This is a staple in Thai cuisine and is made with fresh ripe mango sleeves that are topped with sweet sticky rice. 

Although the combination might seem odd to some, it is delicious once you give it a try. The contrast of the mango flavour, the texture of the rice and the sweetness of the coconut milk are all combinations to die for. 

Pad Thai 

Without a doubt, Pad Thai is possibly one of the most popular dishes in Thai cuisine and even in other parts of the world. It is a stir-fried noodle dish made with eggs, tofu, bean sprouts, lime, rice noodles and all the delicious Thai condiments on one plate. It is easy to make and is easily accessible as well since lots of restaurants and street vendors sell it. 

Moo Satay 

Barbecue lovers unite because Thailand’s version of barbecue comes in the form of Moo Satay. It is considered a snack in Thai culture but you can also have it with rice or other dishes as well. Made with grilled meat marinated in sauces and coconut milk, this is a dish that all travellers must try. 

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